Welcome to NIHAX

Our vision is to make measuring and understanding the world around us more engaging and available to all. Sensors are used to understand and analyse everything from industrial processes to classroom exercises and home environments. By providing a cost-efficient, intuitive and a more powerful system and by integrating the user’s smart device (e.g. tablet/phone) we can engage any type of user in understanding the world around them by using resources and technology that they already are familiar with.

The Problem

While working with sensor equipment and conducting field research, we have observed that the current hardware and software of collecting and recoding data were outdated and not focused on practicality, affordability, portability and user experience. After conducting market research, we have seen that there are multiple industries that are using handheld terminals like: healthcare, transport, food and beverage, research etc.


By using simple components and code allowing data logging to our smartphones, we have succefully replaced the handheld terminals used for measuring water quality. We have successfully created a prototype that transforms your smartphone into a powerful and smart data logger. Our current prototypes are implementing sensors for: pH, Temperature, Redox, voltammetry, methane & CO2. The technology is however directly applicable to multiple other parameters, depending on customer needs. Our sensor-readers and accompanying services help: Companies who wants to minimize losses, by streamlining measuring procedures and eliminating sources of human error.

Researchers who wants to maximize their available time for scientific work, by automating measuring procedures and eliminating time waste associated with data collection & administration. Teachers who wants to inspire and engage students in natural sciences, by having a sensor for each student, and presenting results in visually appealing and interactive interface, making the experience fun and rewarding. You have a smartphone, so why not use its full potential to understand the world around you ?