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NIHAX Sensible is changing the way how measurements are conducted and are bringing convenience and portability to a whole new level. No more heavy and expensive equipment, no more inaccurate data! Conduct measurements using our hardware and collect data using your smartphone or tablet.

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NIHAX - Sensible


Q1 2018 Idea formation

It all started when we have first discovered that existing equipment for field measuring is expensive, old fashioned and difficult to carry.

While discussing about solutions, we have realised that most of the times we have our smartphones with us and therefore we decided to look more into it.

We reached the conclusion that our smartphone is the perfect tool to create a new and innovative solution for collecting data and conducting field research.

Q2 2018 Team formation & Market Analysis

During this quarter we have started working on developing our team. We have successfully gathered competencies in engineering, business and software development.

Having our team in place we have started on market analysis and prototype development.

Q3 2018 Customer interaction with the prototype

Prototype is finished and tested. The team is now actively participating in accelerator programs from Denmark and USA.

After finishing the programmes we have gathered knowledge about how to attract investments and develop our start-up.

Q4 2018 Soft Funding

Soft funding for hardware development is being received and also we have been granted the possibility to hire a professional engineer paid by DTU through the programme VIS.

This soft funding was organised and facilitated by our mentors from DTU Skylab and the funds have been donated by Nimbs Fund and Kai Neumann Fund

The Team


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CTO, Co Founder